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6 Ways to Get a Sexy Back

Whether it’s the occasional “bacne” breakout or dreaded back fat, one thing is for sure: Our backs need just as much TLC as other parts of our body. These prod...

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How to Be Bacne-Free

Summer is the time to wear bikinis, tank tops and outfits that tend to show a little more skin. However, for those suffering from back acne, or ‘bacne,’ those summer...

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Five Facials Not for Your Face

Think facials are limited just to the face? Guess again. We’re seeing a big trend in facials done on other parts of the body. The steps used in body facials are usually th...

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Clear Up Your Bacne

Even if your skin is mostly clear, you may still experience breakouts on your chest and back. Chest and back acne can take longer to get under control than acne on the face. The...

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Get Back At Acne With A Salicylic Spray

Being flabby isn't the only thing that keeps us out of bathing suits in the summer. A back covered in blemishes can convince you to stay covered up, too. It's a big enough probl...

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