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A Seriously Succulent Shower Gel

I'm always a little bit skeptical of “energizing” bath products. Sure, most of them smell good, but I'll stick to my morning cup of coffee to wake me up. Besides, ...

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Happy Hour For Your Face

Any bartender worth his margarita salt could tell you about the social and taste benefits of drinks like the pina colada, mango flip and caipirinha. But your favorite drink slin...

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A Thorough Cleansing Team

Oil and water have a reputation of not getting along. But Babor has created an exception to that rule with their Cleansing Hy-öl. This is a hydrophilic oil that deeply yet mildl...

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A Treatment To Remove Toxic Build-Up

Say yes to that extra glass of wine and erase your guilt by indulging in a spa treatment! Sounds like a plan to us. Did you know that herbs have been used as a means to detoxify...

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