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Firmness For Each And Every Face

No skin type is immune to gravity or time, which is why it's bewildering (and frustrating!) to see so many firming formulas intended just for normal and dry skin. Since when are...

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An Ayurvedic Soap Series

Every now and then, we like to break away from intimidatingly complicated, ultra-scientific products and try something that's worked for centuries. Like in the case of Auromère,...

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A Time-Tested Ayurvedic Firming Formula

In Hinduism, Kama is the god of love, and Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine. Together, Kama Ayurveda is a company that makes natural, authentically Ayurvedic produc...

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A Must-Try Massage For Insomniacs

Anxious? Can't sleep? You may want to look into an Ayurvedic stress-relieving massage called Shirodhara. The treatment's name comes from Sanskrit words that mean head and flow...

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The Apple Of Your Eye Area

Although it smells yummy enough to spread on something other than your eye area, try to keep Body Bistro Green Apple + Neem Eye Jelly on your face. Specifically, this fresh, veg...

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