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Reduce Redness With Retinaldehyde

All Avene products are made with sensitive skin in mind, but although related, redness is a separate situation. So if you're dealing with serious ruddiness, rosacea or flushing,...

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A Bar That Makes You Baby Soft

Cold cream is an ancient concoction-the first variety (made of an emulsion of beeswax, oil, rose petals and water) dates back all the way to second century Greece. Avene's nouri...

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares Skin Secrets

Celebrity makeup artist Joshua Ristaino has worked with A-list clients like Elizabeth Banks, Jodi Foster, Mary Louise Parker and Gretchen Mol, so you can believe us when we tell...

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The Secret Behind A Week-Long Blowout

There are two types of people in the world: Those that give me that baffled-borderline-horrified look when I tell them “I haven't washed my hair in days” and those...

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Super Self-Tanner For Sensitive Skin

My skin has a history of oversensitive reactions when coated in self-tanner. I typically turn red instead of tan, because DHA and my skin have about as much positive chemistry a...

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A Low-Effort, High-Impact Cleanser

I need to dispel a myth. You may imagine that beauty editors have intricate, exemplary skincare routines to which they scrupulously heed every day and night. Well, the former is...

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A Naturally Superior Spritz

I've always known water is essential, but I never realized the profound makeup-setting, skin-soothing and redness-relieving effects it could have on the skin when it's bottled d...

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