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Is Your Hair Getting Thinner With Age?

Does it seem like your hair is getting thinner and thinner? Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating, it just might be. There’s no reason to worry; thinning hair ...

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Dye Your Hair At Home Or At A Salon?

It's hard enough to choose which color you want to dye your hair, even if you're not making a drastic color change. But another big decision you have to consider is whether to D...

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Hair Loss Help For Your Aging Scalp

No one wants to lose their hair. No one. Unfortunately for many, it's a fact of this long, rich (or should we say short, brittle?) life. When it comes to thinning hair and hair ...

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Your Hair: Lost And Found

Everyone experiences some natural hair shedding during the hair growth cycle, when it grows about a half an inch a month, then goes into a resting phase. A strand can go through...

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A Mousse With More To Offer Than Most

Mousse with honey and marshmallow may sound like an awesome dessert, but if we're talking about it on DailyBeauty, you can be sure it has something to do with your 'do. Aveda P...

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A Naturally Ambitious Cleanser

Can a cleanser work so well that it actually perfects your complexion? We're skeptical, but a trusted brand, Aveda, appears to be promising exactly that with its milky new Green...

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