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Reduce Wrinkles And Spots Simultaneously

Some of us see wrinkles as our biggest aging enemy, while others consider discoloration the bane of their maturation. Then there are those of us who have the worst of both world...

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A Wrinkle Cream To Be Reckoned With

When getting to know a new skincare line, we think it's just natural to start with the moisturizer-it's often the hero product in a collection, and it usually says a lot about t...

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Halt The Hands Of Time

Peptides, GABA, hyaluronic acid, collagen, enzymes: these are the kinds of ingredients you'd expect in advanced anti-aging care for your face. But what about your hands? Being t...

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Better Texture And Tone From Chin To Chest

There are very few skincare products that I'd deem appropriate for both my mother and myself. Aside from a 28-year age difference, we simply have different skin types and differ...

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A Handy Age-Spot Solution

One of the most obvious signs of aging on our hands is discoloration. You may even see age spots on your hands sooner and more amplified than on your face if you always use faci...

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Correct And Prevent Discoloration

Whether from age, blemishes or sun exposure, discoloration is one of the most frustrating skin woes-and its likelihood only increases as we get older. If only there was a produc...

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