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4 Crazy Reasons You Get Wrinkles

Turns out, there are things we do every day that cause avoidable wrinkles. Did you hear that? Every single day we contribute to an unnecessary line on our face. Before you freak...

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The Beauty Of Green Tea

It seems that every few weeks we read another study about the health benefits of green tea. And here's this week's: Elderly people who drink the most green tea (five-plus cups a...

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Stop Wrinkles Before They Start

Today's approach to health, for many, is to prevent the damage before it happens. We eat better, exercise and take supplements to fend off the inevitable onslaught of health con...

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Tobacco's Topical Wrinkle Rewards

Everyone knows that smoking can worsen wrinkles, but a new discovery by Italian scientists could put tobacco in a new anti-wrinkle role. Chosen because of its levels of proline...

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Start Wrinkle Care Early

My fellow 20-somethings may not feel the need to treat what they don't see, but I'm no fool. I've identified the beginnings of the lines that will drive me crazy in a few years....

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