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Get Lust-Worthy Lashes

Although eyelashes provide a barrier function—keeping out dust and debris—most women feel they serve a greater purpose. Besides adding definition to the eye and camouflaging the...

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Cyber Monday: Makeup Must-Haves

Everyone is gearing up for the holidays. Expect the usual time spent with family, tons of food (and over-eating), and our favorite part-shopping. But while most people plan to h...

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Anti-Aging Serum From An Eyebrow Sage

By now, you surely know that Anastasia Soare is the reigning queen of brow beauty. Her eponymous cosmetics line has shown thousands of women how changing their brows can change ...

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Bring Back Your Brows

The tweezer can be a dangerous tool. Is there any woman who hasn't over-plucked? If you're a serial over-plucker, you may have found that your brows don't grow back into their f...

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Eyebrows With Star Quality

It was about 20 minutes into my session with the Anastasia eyebrow specialist at Nordstrom that it dawned on me. Shouldn't I feel odd about having my eyebrows done in PUBLIC in ...

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