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Plastic Surgery at the Gym?

If you belong to a big-name gym such as LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym or Bally Total Fitness or even your local JCC or YMCA, you may be able to learn about important plastic surg...

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Avoid Medical Tourism

According to a recent survey, one in three people surveyed around the world say that they would travel to another country for cheaper cosmetic surgery. While tropical climates a...

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“Laser Lipo” Sparks Controversy

As the average weight of Americans increases year after year, more people are looking to “quick fixes” to shed their unwanted pounds versus choosing to diet and exer...

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Nose Job Trends

While the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a drop in rhinoplasty procedures—37 percent fewer Americans got nose jobs last year than in 2000—there has bee...

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Brotox Is On The Rise

Although cosmetic procedures like Botox were never exclusive to women, they have always been more highly sought after by them. But, recently more men are starting to embrace the...

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The Trouble With Going Abroad For Surgery

With the recent news that one in four Americans would get cosmetic procedures if they were more affordable, it's not surprising that more people are looking into going abroad to...

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For Men And Plastic Surgery, Less Is More

Plastic surgery procedures for men are on the rise. (Don't worry ladies, you still claim 87 percent of all surgical and noninvasive procedures in the U.S.) However, the type of ...

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Get A Perfect Body After Weight Loss

Most of the 220,000 people who undergo bariatric (weight-loss) surgery each year are not aware of the cosmetic follow-up procedures they could have to remove excess skin, resear...

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Divorced? Don’T Pull Your Hair Out

As if the agony of losing a spouse wasn't enough to make you want to pull your own hair out, research suggests the stress might actually be causing women to shed their strands. ...

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