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Harmonious Fragrances For Him And Her

More often than not, the whole "his and hers" thing can come off obnoxiously. Need we remind you of the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake his-and-hers denim debacle of 2001? ...

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A Skincare Star's Celebrated Scent Set

We absolutely adore Lisa Hoffman skincare. In fact, we even included one our favorite formulas in the current TestTube. And no matter your skin type, we can confidently recommen...

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What Body Lotion Would Buddha Use?

Not feeling very zen lately? We know it takes more than a body lotion to achieve enlightenment, but we'll venture to say that an Infusion Organique formula has brought us a litt...

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Total Tuberose Indulgence

Those closest to me-whether emotionally or standing near enough to smell me-know how much I love tuberose. It is my scent soulmate, with which I fell in love at first whiff in m...

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The Sexiest Summer Spray

It may be April, but we've already got summer on our minds-and so does Estée Lauder. They just added a few new pieces to their Bronze Goddess collection, including a sophisticat...

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