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Say Goodbye to Enlarged Pores

“Enlarged pores” is the number one term plugged into Sephora’s search engine and one of the most common beauty concerns I hear from NewBeauty readers. As a mat...

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A Special Nut For A Nourishing Night

When Nature's Gate took notice of the French walnut tree, which lives robustly for over 400 years, they wanted to capture active properties of this unique nut and put it to work...

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Warm Weather Body Breakouts

If you find your chest, back or maybe even your buttocks experience breakouts when the weather gets warmer, the culprit may not be acne in the traditional sense, but rather a co...

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A Shimmering Potion For Prettier Strands

When we shake a bottle of Kelly Van Gogh's Wonderlust, our inner little girls ooh and ahh over the swirls of shimmering liquid; but our outer grown women just want to start spra...

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The Five Anti-Aging Theories

In the fight against aging, most of us need all the help we can get. The following are the five theories anti-aging experts attribute to its causes, amplification and prevention...

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Give Tired Eyes A Total Do-Over

We've all woken up, taken a look in the mirror and thought: I look like I didn't sleep for a minute. Whether you partied the night before or stress is taking a toll, looking les...

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The Anti-Aging Anti-Foundation

Even though so many of us won't leave home without it, foundation can cause endless frustration. A shade that looks ideal indoors looks awful outside; a seemingly smooth applica...

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