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Preview How You Will Look With Botox

A cosmetic enhancement of any kind can be a scary thought, even if its results are temporary, like that of injectables and fillers. If you’re considering getting Botox&nbs...

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The Gummy Bear Implant is Finally Here

It’s been years since we first heard about the “gummy bear implant” being used in breast augmentation around the world. Finally, Allergan has received approval...

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Botox Should Be Born in the USA

It's good to buy locally. From the kale at your neighborhood farmer's market to the all-American Chevrolet, supporting the local economy keeps innovation and jobs in our own bac...

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The Fda Weighs Two Weight-Loss Options

December isn't even half-way over, but it has already been a busy month for the FDA in terms of evaluating weight-loss methods that could help millions of overweight and obese A...

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Does Latisse Lack Sufficient Safety Stats?

By now, you've probably seen the Latisse commercial enough times to easily recite Brooke Shields's possible-side-effects monologue. The FDA, however, feels that the safety infor...

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Do Over-The-Counter Eyelash-Enhancers Work?

Not to be confused with mascara, which temporarily and superficially enhances the look of lashes, non-prescription eyelash-stimulating products aim to lengthen and strengthen, a...

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Silicone Implants And Study Participation

With the FDA approval of silicone breast implants last year came the post-approval studies agreed to by both implant manufacturers Mentor and Allergan. The differences in the ...

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