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How to Get Celebrity Worthy Arms

No matter what shape your arms may be in at the moment, it is possible to get them toned, firm and cut with the right exercise plan. Like the look these stars sport? Five fitnes...

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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

You know the importance of being physically active. But do you know how active you really should be? From the looks of it, most Americans don’t. According to new research ...

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Burn the Most Fat With This Exercise

When it comes to exercise, we’re huge fans of a shortcut. Basically, whatever gives us the most bang for our buck is our new favorite workout. That’s where this hand...

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The Final Word On Busting Belly Fat

For those who want to banish belly fat but don't know the best way to go about it, the verdict is in: aerobic activity is the answer. Researchers from Duke University Medical Ce...

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Protein Shakes Provide Muscle Power

My gym has vending machines with all different types of sport drinks, and I spot a lot of people (in tiptop shape) purchasing drinks following their workouts. Personally, I have...

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