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Stop Acne Scars Before They Start

The best way to prevent your skin from potentially scarring post acne is to stop your breakouts dead in their tracks with topical products, and if need be, oral medication befor...

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How to Handle Acne Scars

Out of the 40-50 million Americans dealing with acne, up to 20 million may suffer from acne scars. As if dealing with acne wasn’t bad enough, once the skin is clear, scars...

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Acne Scars Can Be Solved

One of the most frustrating skin-care issues to resolve is acne scars. These indentations occur typically after the skin has been inflamed by a series of pimples in the same are...

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Acne Scars Have A New Foe

Using your own fat, and now cells, to enhance your appearance is all the rage these days. And with the popularity of donating autologous fillers has come new applications and tr...

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