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Ph: Test Your Skin And Products At Home

Figuring out the pH of your favorite products can be tricky on your own, but over-the-counter pH-testing kits, available at drugstores nationwide, take the guesswork out of it. ...

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Factors That Affect Your Ph

When we're born, our skin is the most neutral that it will ever be in terms of pH. The body has a natural alkaline reserve to counteract excess acidity, but it declines with age...

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Is Soda Destroying Your Smile?

Think you’re getting off scot-free because you drink diet, sugar-free soda? Think again. It might be OK for your waistline, but diet soda could be ruining your smile. Acco...

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Time To Come Clean

Over the summer we tend to focus on our hair, skin and clothes (or lack there of). But a great smile is essential for a successful summer look. According to the American Academy...

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Detoxification And Dehydration

Getting a detox treatment at the spa? Experts recommend drinking plenty of water in order to combat detoxification's potentially dehydrating effect. However, you should wait at...

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Are Ahas A Problem For Skin's Ph?

Alpha-hydroxy acids are common in skincare products and are the main ingredient in many chemical peels. When AHAs first became available, they caused substantial irritation beca...

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Four Steps To A Normal Ph Level

Some skin problems, like acne, dryness and irritation, are often a result of a pH imbalance. This is actually a reflection of the pH level of the skin's acid mantle, a thin, pro...

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Lemon's Effects Are Anything But Sour

As with many citrus oils, lemon's scent stimulates the body and mind, helping to revive the senses. A common ingredient in many spa treatments, it also possesses a variety of th...

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A Wonder Water To Quench Your Core

Imagine this: you take a sip of cool, refreshing water and you suddenly feel a rush of stabilized negative ions coursing through you, and a healthy alkalized state transcends ov...

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