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Get a Tighter Tummy for Summer

Who doesn't want a tight and toned midsection? Whether you want a defined stomach without surgery, or desire long-term, instant results, these two fat-blasting tips are sure to ...

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Dr. Simon - Plastic Surgery/Mommy Makeover

Mother of one discusses her mommy makeover with Dr. Simon. Procedures discussed include breast surgery and abdominal surgery, breast implants, breast lift, and tummy tuck.

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Overstretched Post-Pregnancy Tummy Muscles

Both skin and muscles stretch during pregnancy, and often, they don't return to their pre-baby shape. Many women complain that they've done seemingly endless sit-ups but just ca...

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The Traditional Tummy Tuck

Imagine your abdomen as a pair of pants, and your plastic surgeon as the tailor. In order to create a firm, tight appearance, the abdominal walls need to be tightened just right...

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Why Moms-To-Be Should Say No To A "C-Tuck"

Many women correlate tummy tucks and C-sections, but the only similarities between the two surgeries are the placement of the scar and the potential intensity of the recovery. I...

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A Tummy Tuck With Almost-Invisible Scars

Those who are considering a tummy tuck but are reluctant because of the scars will likely find an appealing option in an endoscopic tummy tuck with an incision only around the b...

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How Will You Get Bikini-Ready?

Tired of wearing a one-piece? There are plenty of ways to get your tummy ready for more revealing bathing suits! Your first line of defense against a tubby tummy is exercise. I...

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Three Tummy Tuck Options

You may find yourself with a paunch that won't budge. Popular after pregnancy, a tummy tuck can help restore the flat stomach you had before (or never quite had in the first pla...

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