No stranger to the makeup-free selfie, Drew Barrymore , the queen of keeping it real on Instagram, did it again by sharing a selfie of her wiry, gray roots and unkempt brows at their worst. While most of us don’t have a starring role to prepare for, it’s easy to relate to the mom-of-two’s maintenance woes because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Every once and a while your beauty routine goes off the rails and your hair, brows, nails and skin can be in utter disarray all at the same time.

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Adding the hashtag #becomingsheila, Barrymore is quick to point out she’s letting herself go for the sake of her role as Sheila Hammond in season two of Netflix’s zombie housewife series Santa Clarita Diet .

“OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad,” she wrote. “Base and brows needed. Must become her. #santaclaritadiet here we go again. Season two.”

Even though it’s for a role, it’s good to know even Hollywood celebrities have their off days too. But all is not lost, the actress quickly posted a new selfie with an update featuring celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham and her five-year-old daughter Olive. While Cunningham works to fix Barrymore’s roots, she lets little Olive join in on the fun by giving her a set of her own foils using conditioner.