Last night’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo was, like always, an opinionated-fueled, very funny banter fest.

Host Andy Cohen and guests Julie Chen and Lisa Rinna talked everything from the current state of The View (Chen is not a big fan of where it's gone) to why Rinna’s meal portion on her plate during a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was super tiny (it's hard for her to eat on camera).

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Titillating conversations indeed—mixed in with some honest beauty talk.

First, Rinna was put through the ringer on the “did she or didn’t she” question, as one viewer said her upper lip looked “way plumpy.” (As in, more than usual.) Her reasoning for anything looking different: “No, no. It goes up and down, you know that,” she said.

She then went on to say she did not have another boob job . “I have boob pads in. It’s all an illusion, people. I can do many things with this body.”

Chen also shared one of the best beauty hacks of all time, admitting to previously camouflaging gray hairs by applying liquid eyeliner to them, strand by strand.