Do No-Rinse Cleansers Actually Cleanse Your Skin?

Believe me, if I can use a product that's going to get me into bed even one minute faster, I'm all in. That became the case when I was first introduced to products like cleansing wipes, which claimed they'd remove makeup and cleanse my skin in one swipe, and then later, micellar waters, which required the use of a cotton pad, but no rinsing action. 

Nowadays, there are even cleansing creams and oils that fall into this category. But do they really work? Or are they more of a good first-step option, which should then be followed up with a more effective cleanse? We turned to celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy (her clients include Jennifer Garner and Kate Beckinsale, among others), for the inside scoop. 

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"I am not a fan of no-rinse cleansers at all," says Joy. "Water is cleansing to our bodies to drink and to bathe. Washing your hands, we all know, is a mandatory state board regulation as an aesthetician, and also as a chef working in a kitchen. There is nothing better than water for cleansing, and it is the one thing we cannot live without. I personally believe no-rinse cleansers are not as effective as using a cleanser with lukewarm water or a warm, wet wash cloth to remove face makeup, especially in the evenings."

So what exactly are no-rinse cleansers good for then? The first step in a double-cleansing regimen (taking off your makeup first with a quick cleanser like a wipe or micellar water on a cotton pad, then using a traditional cleanser and rinsing your skin afterward), according to Joy. "Cleansing wipes and certain creams placed on a cotton pad are wonderful for removing eye makeup prior to cleansing the face, but rinsing is crucial. Rinsing or washing can be a short process, but a very necessary one."

If you skin care routine currently only involves the use of a no-rinse cleanser and you've been experiencing skin issues or you've been trying to figure out why your complexion always looks a little dull, this could be the reason. In order to give your skin the deep-down clean it really needs to look bright and youthful, try adding in the extra step for two weeks and see if there's a change.