This Girl Encouraging Her Dad Doing Her Hair Is the Best Viral Video of the Weekend

Too often things go viral on the Internet because something went wrong and people can’t stop staring at the wreck. But this viral video, making the rounds this weekend, is not one of those cases. In fact, people can’t stop sharing this video because everything about it is so, so right.

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An adorable video posted to YouTube shows Texas father Derrick Culpepper doing his then-3-year-old daughter Linda’s hair before school and the young girl encouraging him the whole way through.

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“A MUST SEE TO ENCOURAGE DADS.” Culpepper writes in the caption of the video. “My family encourages me to be the best Dad that I can be and I never get to catch these memories on video. I have been a barber pretty much all my life and still find it difficult to style my daughter's hair. My 3yr old daughter keeps me encouraged when I attempt to do her hair.”

In a Buzzfeed interview, Culpepper says, "A lot of people are saying I wish my dad had done that, I wish my husband could do this. It seems to me people are looking for something that reflects something positive, especially for black Americans."