This Instagram Account Shows You How to Get All The Best Makeup Looks For Cheaper

When it comes to beauty shopping, we’re all about shelling out for the important things: skin care, proven ingredients and classic products. But when we get the itch to buy something just to try a trend (which may or may not last longer than a few weeks), that’s when we start turning to our other beauty editor friends to ask if they’ve found any cheaper alternatives.

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For those of you who don’t have a beauty editor on speed dial, there’s an Instagram account to do the job for you. Thanks to @dupethat, you can now check out what all the new color products look like swatched on real skin and compare that to a cheaper dupe. A $21 Too Faced liquid lipstick not in the budget? There’s a $2 alternative that looks pretty much identical. Can’t get behind shelling out $29 for a Kylie Lip Kit but can’t live without the color? There’s a $9.50 product that gives you the exact same look.

The first dupe using @taos_inc!

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Some alternatives for @toofaced newest melted matte, Candy Cane! 🍭 All dry to a matte finish.

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Take a peek over at @dupethat, but don’t blame us (rather thank us!) if you spend the next hour not doing anything else.


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