This Coconut-Oil Based Brush Cleanser Is the Product Your Routine Is Missing

If you’re like 99 percent of the population of people who wear makeup, washing your brushes is probably one of your top three most-dreaded beauty-related tasks. Using the same bacteria-laden, blemish-promoting brush day after day sounds pretty gross, yet making the time to do something about it never seems to be priority.

Enter this magical solution out of Canada: Prism Brush Bar (approximately $13). It looks like a tiny crystal-like home décor item, but when you run it under water and swirl your brush on its surface, it sort of makes the arduous task enjoyable. (After you use it, you run your brush under water once more then let air-dry and the company recommends doing the same for the bar).

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The bar successfully removes dirt—you won't believe how much comes off!—sanitizes and even promises to prolong the life of your brushes. It’s vegan, all-natural and hypoallergenic and has really cool ingredients like coconut oil (that’s the main one) and conditioning oat protein. Your brushes definitely feel better after using it just once, and your skin—and cleaning routine—will thank you.