Adding This Supplement to Your Cocktails Will Give You a Beauty Boost

There’s a big cocktail hitting New York: It’s pretty, it has roses petals in it and it kind of tastes like a sparkling-floral margarita.

But before you prep for a full-on resurgence of the Cosmo (how can we forget the Sex and the City–fueled era of is-anyone-NOT-ordering-this-drink?) this go, the trend is a bit different, and it’s all about the beauty and wellness benefits.

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Coined Doves + Roses, the drink is comprised of Cazadores tequila Blanco, CILK rosewater, basil and grapefruit. “It also has a hint of vanilla and aromatherapeutic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components that promote detoxification and digestion, among other benefits,” according to the bartenders at New York’s Royalton Hotel, who invented and serve up this specialty. (It’s still a little bit of a “secret”—it’s not on the menu, but if you ask for it by name, they’ll mix one right up and if you aren’t a fan of tequila, they can craft a different cocktail using the ingredient).

The hotel says rosewater has also historically been used as a beauty enhancer, with benefits that claim to treat redness and acne, hydrating dry, sensitive and aging skin. They partnered with Australian-made CILK extract (it ships to the U.S.!), which handcrafts the supplement in small batches from organic roses and enhances it with light floral notes of cold-pressed hibiscus.

In addition to the cocktail, the hotel is also offering a rosewater-themed treatment. Guests are invited to experience a one-of-a-kind bath ritual within the one of the hotel’s glamorous 9,135 mirror-tiled bathtubs—complete with therapeutic rose wellness salts from Soak Society—and, of course, the cocktail, as well as your own bottle of CILK to take home.