Aquafaba Is the Amazing Health Food Ingredient That You're Probably Throwing Away

If you’re a die-hard vegan, you know the struggle is real to find substitutes for every day food ingredients. And one of the newest ingredients that’s being used as a stand-in for recipes that call for egg whites is aquafaba. Strange name for sure, but chances are you have seen aquafaba for years, you just never realized what it was.

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The liquid that’s strained from a can of chickpeas can be used for both sweet and savory recipes that require egg whites. Loaded with starch, protein and plant solids, aquafaba also acts as a thickening, gelatinizing and binding agent in food.

Discovered by an Indiana software engineer who had recently crossed over to the world of vegan eating, aquafaba is catching on, and fast. It’s being used in restaurants, and we hear that the first aquafaba-based product, a vegan mayonnaise, is set to be available on supermarkets shelves soon.