The Super Strange Way Camilla Alves Gets Her Stomach So Flat

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Some celebrities have some pretty strange beauty and diet rituals that they swear by no matter how absurd they sound. Case in point: Camilla Alves. The model, business woman and mother of three, who has one of the fittest bodies around, says that—get ready for this—her tried-and-true secret to warding off tummy bloat and keeping her midsection flat as a board is baby food. Yep, you heard right.

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According to an interview with, the Brazilian beauty dishes that she started feeling bloated around awards season (Alves is a fixture on the red carpet, often seen in tow with her husband actress Matthew McConaughey). After doing a cleanse that involved a lot of puréed meals, which she says really worked for her body, she continued on the purée kick. But instead, she started eating three to four pouches of baby food courtesy of her very own baby food company, Yummy Spoonfuls, which sells preservative-free organic fruit and vegetable purées.

Alves swaps out her regular lunch for the puréed baby food. She often thaws out a few of the frozen purée packets, cooks them in a skillet and tops them with anything from olive oil to salt and pepper to turmeric. For a midday snack, she opts for one of the fruit-flavored varieties.

Another out-of-the-box way she banishes belly bloat is by boiling parsley in water and drinking up to four cups of it a day for three days. It must really work for her because she even demonstrated the bloat buster on The Rachel Ray Show.