Korean Salon Visors: The Genius Product That Needs to Get Big

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As anyone who has gotten a color, perm, straightening, bang trim or just a lot of hairspray knows—sometimes the salon robe isn't enough to protect you from all the things that are flying around your face during a routine hair treatment. That's why, when I was getting a treatment recently at the Younghee Salon in New York, my mind was blown at the simple accessory she offers her clients: a clear, stick-on visor that protects your face and eyes while also looking futuristically chic. 

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"This type of visor has been used in all the salons in Korea for about three years," owner Younhee Kim tells me as I marvel at how genius the product is. "It's great for color and other chemical treatments because it shields the eyes from accidently getting anything in them and protects eyes from fumes that might cause them to water. It's also great for short haircuts and bang trims. Without it, there's no way to keep little pieces of hair off the clients face." 
A Google and Instagram search proved that despite its ubiquity in Korea, this simple but genius product is still pretty under the radar stateside. Most salons that offer this are still in Asia, but knowing the importance of eye protection, we're really hoping it takes off soon here!