The Magical Green Lip Gloss That Made Me a Believer

Most sequels never live up to the original because it's really hard to come back after winning the love and admiration of the masses and deliver a second hit the way you did the first time. But every once in a while you strike gold again and it feels just like the first time. When Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince lipstick first came into my life, I felt in love from the first swipe. Who would have thought that a lilypad green lippie could magically adapt to your pH and transform into the most flattering shade of rosy pink? And I wasn’t alone; the color-changing lippie has amassed a loyal following and has reached cult status.

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To follow up on the lipstick’s success, the brand has released a deep emerald gloss that adapts to your body in the same way. After I picked up the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lip Gloss ($25) with my greedy little lipstick-loving hands, I was hit with an immediate anxiety about wearing a gloss again. Because my tendency to get hair strands stuck on my lips, I tend to stay away from any shiny, sticky lip products. I thought for sure I wouldn’t love this gloss as much as the lipstick, but thankfully my fears were allayed and I was spellbound again.

To my surprise, this gloss formula is just as transformative as the color. Instead of a gloopy, sticky mess, it glided on smoothly and felt and looked more like a shiny lip stain than a traditional gloss. The shiny, sparkly green gloss changed into the same rosebud pink color that I’d come to love in the lipstick, but with a little extra shine. It’s the perfect gloss to swipe on when you want a flush of natural-looking color that doesn’t look overdone, but it can also be layered on for a glossier, more lustrous look. Fans of the original will want to pick this one up too, and for those who have yet to try the shade-shifting hue, now’s your chance.