Chrissy Teigen Is the Latest Celeb to Bring Back This '80s Trend

The natural curl has been making a comeback this year, and Chrissy Teigen is the latest celeb to join the big hair, don't care squad—Jenna Dewan Tatum, Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively have all been seen embracing their natural texture lately. We love that it's now cool to rock the '80s look that so many women have steered clear of for decades. 

Anyone wanna bring back the spiral perm with me?

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Stylist and salon owner Ricky Pennisi says it's so powerful to see curls making their way back onto the scene. "I've always loved curls—they are full of movement and personality." 

So what's the trick to pulling them off? "Making sure your hair is fully hydrated," says Pennisi. "Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, which won't strip the natural oils in your hair that prevent frizz and hair damage. Once you're out of the shower, gently towel-dry your hair and section it into three levels. Starting at the bottom and working your way to the top, apply a styling gel to define your curls, then use setting spray all over your hair to lock them in. This step blocks out frizz and keeps curls in their place. Finally, use a diffuser to dry your hair to get big, bouncy curls. A diffuser will enhance your curls by 30 percent and is great for those who have naturally wavy or curly hair."

So if you're not even sure what your natural texture looks like anymore because you've straightened and styled your hair for years, it's time to take a walk on the wild side!


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Who wore it bett..SHUT-UP!! We all know Teen Witch wins. Always. All ways.

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Full Jessie Spano

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    I've never thought to use Bounty. I usually use a t-shirt.

  • Alexandra
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    Don't EVER, EVER, EVER towel dry!! honestly the worst thing you can do for your curly hair. The best thing to do is just squeeze the extra water off your hair but if you most use a bounty towel to gently remove water. Believe me I have worn my natural curls proudly for 46 yrs and swear by this method :).

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