Spiked Seltzer Is Being Called "The Summer's Biggest Booze Trend"

Summer hasn’t even officially started yet and it already has its signature drink: boozy seltzer.

This bubbly “healthier” choice is being coined as a big contender for “summer’s biggest booze trend.” According to Ad Age, this emerging category is “being positioned as a lighter alternative to heavier and more intensely flavored hard sodas” and the brands launching them “are citing the rising popularity of regular carbonated bottled water as well as interest in lower-calorie booze options.” 

The surprising stat? Sparkling water sales have grown 20 percent over the past year, according to Nielsen.

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And Ad Age also shared a few new launches on its radar. The latest: White Claw Hard Seltzer by Mark Anthony Brands (it owns Mike’s Hard line). It’s naturally flavored, gluten-free and comes in at only 110 calories per 12-ounce can—not exactly a super, super low-calorie choice if you compare it to Corona Light, which runs under 100 calories a bottle, but it does have a higher percentage of alcohol by volume when compared to “light beers.”