This Is What 116 Coats of Nail Polish Looks Like

In such a fast-pased society, there’s a reason why some of our favorite beauty innovations involve speeding up our routines, so when Christine, a nail artist with her own YouTube channel, decided to figure out what exactly 116 coats of nail polish would look like (in case you were wondering). 

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The result? Over 8 million views and a look so much worse than bubble nails. Stopping to let every coat dry before applying the next, the whole process took roughly 12 hours (beginning at 11:46 AM and ending at 11:38 PM) from start to finish. Luckily, her nails weren't hurt in the process, and the #polishmountain came off relatively easily with a cuticle pusher.

We'll be sticking to (maybe) two coats of our favorite summer hues, but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing what 114 more could look like.