A Cooling Bronzing Water Like Nothing You’ve Tried Before

There are some women who excel at the multistep self-tanning process, and then there’s me, who can only admire such skills from afar. I’m still recovering from my signature look of last summer, orange leopard spots, which I achieved—without fail—every time I attempted a tan from a bottle.

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But there’s hope yet for the self-tanning challenged to look like summer beauties by the time warmer weather rolls around. Guerlain Terracotta L'Eau Hâlée' Cooling Bronzing Water is a fancy way of saying “five seconds to glowing summer skin,” and unlike self-tanners and powder bronzers, there’s zero room for error.

The bronzing pigment is suspended in an innovative liquid formula and looks ultra-sheer on, letting your skin’s natural texture show through. Applying it is as easy as squeezing a few drops into your hands and patting all over your face, chin and neck. There’s no shimmer, sparkle, sheen or streaking, leaving behind an ultra-natural, ultra-believable glow. The best part is that it’s impossible to mess up, but if you did say, pour half a bottle onto your face, the bronzer easily comes off with soap and water or makeup remover.

Guerlain’s Cooling Bronzing Water now available for $54 at Nordstrom.com