There’s Now an Anti-Aging, Cellulite-Fighting Gin on the Market

A shot of gin keeps the wrinkles away?

That’s what the new cleverly named Anti-aGin is claiming. The U.K.-based spirit, created by Bompas & Parr (they are also the creative team behind such food-performance art as recording the sound of jelly wobbling) for luxury hotel brand Warner Leisure Hotels, is infused with “age-defying botanicals” and “drinkable collagen,” which comes along with the very lofty promise of “rejuvenating the skin while you drink it” and being the “alcoholic equivalent to a facial.”

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Of course, collagen drinks and supplements aren’t brand-new, but Warner Leisure is going one step further with their claims, sharing on its blog that, “The ingredients were specifically chosen due to their revitalizing qualities, including healing sun-damage, being rich in minerals, inhibiting scar formation and to help smooth cellulite.”

Either way, the bottle was currently sold out as of press time, which means there just may be a whole bunch of people out there willing to take a chance on adding this $50 spirit to their cocktails in hopes of putting a boost in their skin care and anti-aging routines.