Kate Middleton Reveals Her Post Baby Weight-Loss Secret

While in India this week for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations, Kate Middleton was asked a question we all wanted to know the answer to.

At one gathering, one bold guest, Professor Bulbul Dhar-James, asked the 34-year old Duchess how she stayed so thin after having two children. Some (ok, most) may consider the prying question to be completely inappropriate, but Middleton had an answer ready. “I’m running after my kids!” she reportedly said.

Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte in May 2015 and to Prince George in July 2013.

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Running after kids aside, Middleton is no stranger to diets and fitness, having made famous the Dukan Diet, an Atkins-like diet which she utilized before her wedding. People Magazine has also revealed that Middleton worked with a top trainer during her pregnancy with Charlotte and after her birth.

As if one personal question wasn’t enough, Professor Dhar-James followed up by asking her if she got tired of smiling through all her public appearances. To that the Duchess responded, "I’m just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm."

The professor then ended the epic conversation by telling Middleton “You look much better in person than in your photographs.”

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Conclusion: While you may be rolling your eyes at Middleton’s weight loss answer, you have to give the royal credit for always having the perfect response to awkward questions. 

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  • AnAhitA Eshan Nazari
    Posted on

    They look absolutely smashing HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH many more

  • Diana
    Posted on

    I believe it! I had only one child and when he started walking at 10 1/2 months the pounds melted away...and I gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy! I wish I could come up with gracious answers as she did under the pressure of the spotlight. Way to go, Kate!

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