Watch This Makeup Artist Age Couples by 50 Years

What does everlasting love look like? With some serious makeup skills and strategically placed wigs, makeup artist Stephanie Nadia has done a pretty mind-blowing job at illustrating it.

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Using only foundation and pencils and—impressively—no prosthetics, the 27-year-old Brooklyn–based beauty wiz transformed couples into older (as in 50-years-older) versions of themselves. As part of the project, she had each person look in the mirror first, before showing their morphed self to their partner.

The time it took for each makeover clocked in at two hours; Nadia’s YouTube clip entitled “Couples Age 50 Years in a Flash” shows a time-lapsed versions, as well as the couples’ reactions to themselves, their partner and the question: “Will you still love each other when you’re older?”