This $15 Makeup Product Is Like Liquid Photoshop

Illuminators are not for everyone. Placed strategically, they can create a downright ethereal, lit-from-within glow; get them in the wrong hands, and they can quickly turn your skin into a stop-you-scared-in-your-tracks oily/shiny mess.

Soap & Glory’s new Hocus Focus ($15) is that one product that is legitimately the illuminator “for dummies.” You don’t need a lot for it to work well, but you also (almost impossibly) can’t overdo it either. The pink pearl–colored lightweight liquid just kind of glides onto skin and makes everything look better (read: smaller pores, a more radiant complexion, a somehow "softer" look to wrinkles and lines, and that always-in-demand "dewy" finish).

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You also don’t have to be all that calculated with it either: Mix a drop into makeup and it somehow makes the color a little more glowy; do a quick swipe under your eyes and fake a worked-on-it-for-hours contour; or apply midday for an instant wakeup call. It’s also so tiny, you can tuck it away in your pocket for a real life, on-the-go version of pretty much the most effective Photoshop out there.