Eva Longoria on Perms, Perfume and the Beauty Product She Wishes You Would NOT Bring on a Plane

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Eva Longoria was pretty much the epitome of put-together at last night’s Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds celebration to pay homage to the iconic brand’s 25th year and the launch of its new fragrance, White Diamonds Night. Literally sparkling in a silver gown, the 41-year-old actress co-hosted the celebration, which honored not only Taylor’s legacy and contribution to the fragrance industry as a whole, but also her commitment in the fight against HIV and AIDS (a portion of proceeds from White Diamonds and other House of Taylor Fragrances go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation).

“I have a long history with White Diamonds; it was the first bottle of perfume I had to save my allowance to buy—mostly for the bottle. I wanted diamonds in my room,” Longoria says. “In a world that’s flooded with many fragrances, it’s amazing how Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds has stood the test of time. She [Taylor] embodies everything I think every Hollywood actress wants to be: A successful actress, a successful businesswoman, an entrepreneur and of course, a humanitarian, which is what I applaud most.”

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It’s undeniably an elegant franchise—and a fragrance that evokes glitz and glamor, but Longoria says growing up in Corpus Christi, TX, she equated wearing it as being "an adult." “I was like, I am a grown-up now; I wear fragrance. So many of my scent memories are with food, but the perfume reminds me of my mom and my sisters, because once I bought a bottle, the whole household used it.”

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Just don’t overuse any perfume (her method for applying: “I spray it in the air and I run through it. And I put it in my hair”) around Eva—especially on a plane. “Fragrances should be used like accessories, you should have a good variety you can change out. You should have ones for a date or the office. You know when you walk into the office and you ask, ‘Who sprayed that? Why would you do that?!’ or on a plane…like ‘Oh my God what is that? Why would you spray that?’”

Her big fragrance foul: “You should see my Yearbook picture. I had a perm and I remember my perfume competed with my [hair] gel, because the gel had a scent. Advice to former self: Easy with the Aqua Net.”

These days though, Eva admits her beauty routine is sometimes still in overdrive. “My mom is not a beauty girl. She wears red lipstick, that’s it and that is her beauty routine. My skin is genetics—my dad has amazing skin. But I’m a big facial person; I actually don’t love facials, but I need facials. When I go, I do a light treatment, I do a peel—if it’s there I say, ‘What is that and I want it.’ I’m also really into serums right now; I like the way they absorb into the skin.”

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    My big pet peeve is poor understanding of how to apply foundation. Some women layer it on so thick that they go through a bottle of foundation in under a month, and it shows. Foundation brushes and sponges were invented for a reason, so don't use your fingers. That will only tempt you to use way too much. Use a primer, so your foundation spreads more evenly and gives you better coverage without settling into creases and pores. Then dot a small amount of foundation on forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck and use a brush or sponge to smooth it over your entire face and neck. Please use the correct color, too. Using a foundation that is too dark will not make you look tanned. It will only make you look silly, and the older you are when you do this, the sillier you will look.

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