This Bronzer Promises a Summer Glow With One Swipe

Beauty editor or not, we all have that one product that stands the test of time within our makeup bags. Not because it has a long lifespan, but because we keep running back to it when we realize similar products don’t really measure up. For me, that tried-and-true product is Benefit Cosmetics' Hoola bronzer. I absolutely love the natural glow it delivers, and because it’s matte, it’s virtually impossible to overdo it. Now on my seventh or eighth purchase (I’ve lost count at this point), I just about squealed when I heard news that the brand was finally expanding the Hoola range. I knew I had to get my hands on these new products.

My favorite of the bunch? Dew the Hoola ($28), a liquid version of the must-have bronzer, that lives up to all the hype its been given. Its lightweight yet buildable texture allows you to create a subtle bronzed look or a full-on contour without ever looking caked on or heavy. It’s versatile enough to use on a bare face for a straight-from-the-beach glow, mixed in with your moisturizer for an all-over believable tan, or in place of your traditional bronzer to sculpt out your cheekbones and contour your face.

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Dew the Hoola goes on like an ultralight serum and dries matte yet delivers the most subtle backlit glow. I use a foundation brush to apply a line of it (apply one pump to your hand and dip the brush in) right under my cheekbones, blending it out for a natural look and setting it with the traditional Hoola bronzer for an all-day hold and even deeper bronzing effect. 

And if this isn't enough, it has the most delicious scent (think of a mix between tropical sun-tan lotion and perfume) that leaves me thinking I'm on the sand when I'm sitting at my desk. We'll chalk it up as a win.