This Revolutionary Invention Lets You Say Good-Bye to Smudges

Let’s face it—smudging happens. And usually at the most inopportune times. Whether you’re out and about, at the office or even at home, who wants to constantly carry around a bottle of eye makeup remover and some cotton swabs or a pack of makeup wipes, only to use a corner of it for your under-eye and leave the rest untouched? That’s where Smudgefixx ($28) comes in.

Think of Smudgefixx as your new on-the-go pal. Its tiny size is perfect to throw in your gym bag, purse or clutch, and it houses a mini mirror to check for smudges, mini aloe vera makeup remover wipes to fix them and perfectly pigmented concealer to reapply the makeup you just removed with the pads. Plus, because the concealer goes on silky-smooth, contains vitamin E and rosemary extract for anti-aging benefits and stays put, you’ll find yourself reaching for it even when you’re not smudging.

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Use it to fix eye shadow fallout, remove smudged mascara throughout the day or perfect your cat's-eye with its perfectly sized pads (I’ve found the edges of these pre-moistened wipes are great for carefully fixing winged eyeliner). The possibilities don’t just stop at your eyes, either. Use the edges of the pads to carefully repair your lipstick that’s feathered off onto your skin throughout the day or after a meal—simply run the pad along your lip line and dab on some concealer to sharpen up the edges for a fresh look. Whatever the use, Smudgefixx delivers.