The Rollerball That Reduces Puffy Eyes in Seconds

Call me a skeptic, but I give a lot of sideways glances to any skin care that boasts claims of “working instantly.” Fast results…maybe. But those you can see in minutes? Sounds like some major marketing speak I don’t want to take a chance on.

Of course, chances can be totally worth taking—especially when you’re desperate. After a night-before sodium-laden dinner of sushi mixed with a bad night’s sleep and an early morning wakeup, my face—especially the area under my eyes—looked puffy, tired and just all-around bad. I went the layers-of-concealer route, but that wasn’t doing the trick.

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So, I took out this tiny rollerball from RevelationsRX ($40) that had been sitting on my desk. The packaging screams of “fast” results and the serum is meant to be worn whenever you need a quick dose of hydration. The ingredients are impressive (they are potent but not at all irritating): Vitamins A, E and K, caffeine and hyaluronic acid, for starters—plus, it’s free from parabens and has natural lavender oil that gives off the slightest hint of a relaxing, spa-like scent. But the results are seriously the stuff of nine-hours-a-night sleep: Just roll it on and you look instantly rested and refreshed and everything around your eyes looks brighter and better.