Molly Sims Gets Candid About Hollywood's Top Procedures

American supermodel who rose to fame as a blond bombshell on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Molly Sims is the classic girl next door with fun, genuine vibe. At 42, she's a wife and mother of two (she had a baby girl, Scarlett, in March), as well as a fashion and beauty inspiration to women everywhere. Plus, she's now been named a contributor on The View. Here, we get the inside scoop on all her beauty secrets.

NewBeauty: What are your must-have beauty essentials?
Molly Sims: Well, first off: WATER! Hydration is truly the key to beautiful, glowing skin. For products, I’m obsessed with looking dewy and glowy. I love to start off with Sisley Black Rose Oil, which makes my makeup go on like a dream. Chantecaille powder sunscreen in the tube is perfect to apply on the go. So is Eve Lom Tinted Moisturizer in Wheat. For a pop of color on my cheeks, By Terry Baume de Rose is an absolute staple. Bobbi Brown Telluride Cream Blush is also a great option. For lips, I love Sara Happ The Nude Slip gloss for everyday wear and Armani 404 for a red lip.

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NB: You’ve talked publicly about your love for Botox and cosmetic treatments. How have you incorporated them into your anti-aging routine?
MS: I’ve used Botox, just on my forehead, on and off since my mid-30s. I naturally have so much movement that I was creating a very deep line that would have been there forever if I had not started. With that, I also moisturize a lot more often than I used to.

NB: What is your most effective trick for losing post-baby weight?
MS: The main trick is to start slowly. It’s not a race. Start your goal with five pounds, even though you know it’s probably closer to 50. Also, NEVER ever step on a scale. Instead, measure your progress by trying on a pair of jeans at your goal weight. With that said, buy a “goal outfit” that you can’t wait to fit into. Mine was a red lace dress after my first pregnancy. You better believe I got movin’ to fit in that dress! But, I’ll be honest. It was damn hard! I definitely tried to be more careful during my second pregnancy to remain as healthy as possible! 

NB: You've had CoolSculpting (Molly is currently an ambassador for the brand) too, right?
MS: Yes. CoolSculpting has definitely played a role in helping me get off that last little pooch that I was never going to get rid of with just exercise and diet. It’s FDA-cleared and noninvasive, which was important to me. There’s also no downtime, which appealed to me as a busy, working mom. Before I did it, I definitely talked to my mom about it. She was very supportive and has always wanted me to feel my best. I’ll be honest, I always ask my momma for advice first!

NB: Which wellness practices do you swear by?
MS: When it comes to wellness, I live by the motto “Moderation is Everything.” I like to do a bit of everything to create balance in my life: yoga, eating well, exercising and staying hydrated. I also do a cleanse about three times a year to change my taste buds and take away my cravings.

NB: Do you have any go-to workouts? 
MS: I do a bit of everything. Cardio, yoga, spin, pilates. It keeps it fun and helps me avoid that plateau!

NB: What are your can’t-live-without wardrobe staples? 
MS: I can’t live without a boyfriend jacket, long black skirt, white v-neck, my favorite Isabel Marant boots, a leather jacket, and my Sergio Rossi black pointed heels. I also have my mom staples, too! You’ve got to have some Mother Tucker stretch pants, Spanx, Belly Bandit or some type of girdle. It seriously helps!

NB: Who are your beauty icons?
MS: Sofia Loren. She is an inspiration for everything that is being a woman. Her new campaign for Dolce & Gabbana is stunning!

NB: What one beauty mistake have you made that you’ll never forget?
MS: Oh, wow. Definitely when I wore way too much HD powder and looked like a raccoon. Not so pretty!

NB: What is your guilty pleasure? 
MS: Um, wine! And also my 3-year-old Brooksie’s M&M’s.

NB: What is one thing we’d be surprised to learn about you?
MS: When I’m stressed, I clean. A LOT! I also love a good breakfast in bed.