Exclusive: Kourtney Kardashian Reveals The Craziest Thing She's Done for Beauty

Reality superstar Kourtney Kardashian has quickly climbed the ranks to become a beauty and fashion mogul, along with her sisters Kim and Khloé. Their beauty collection, Kardashian Beauty, features everything from blow-dryers to lip gloss, and their fashion lines, Kardashian Kollection and Kardashian Kids, are wildly popular. As a mom of three and bustling businesswoman, how does Kourtney make it all look so easy? We got the scoop from the star herself.

NewBeauty: What anti-aging advice has your mom passed down to you?
Kourtney Kardashian: My mom has always told my sisters and I to exfoliate with a hot washcloth after we wash our faces. She’s always encouraged us to keep our skin extra clean and to use a moisturizer.

NB: You’ve said the placenta pills you took after your pregnancy were “life-changing.” How so?
KK: While I was taking them, I had so much energy and was very happy. I felt like they also benefited my skin and hair. Every mother should take them if possible!

NB: Which products from your Kardashian Beauty collection should every woman own?
KK: My favorite product is the Take 2 Dry Shampoo because with my schedule, I always need to be able to get ready quickly. I also love the scent! My sisters and I went back and forth perfecting it for weeks. Another favorite of mine is the Black Seed Dry Oil. I like to use it when my ends are dry or when I wear a sleek and polished ponytail.

NB: What is your most effective trick for losing post-baby weight?
KK: Easing back into exercising is important. I started by taking walks with the baby and kids and I ate as organically as possible, but I also liked to include full-fat healthy foods as well. I eventually worked up to doing workout sessions five days a week with my trainer. If I am going to spend an hour in the gym, or even at home working out, it has to be effective, otherwise it’s just not worth my time. Jumping rope is a good workout if you only have a short amount of time. I will usually do 10 sets of 200 if I am in a hurry. 

NB: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the sake of beauty?
KK: I went to a naked Korean spa with my friends...it was just not my thing! 

NB: Has your beauty routine and overall style changed since having kids?
KK: Yes! After paying attention to the products I was using on my children's angel skin, I started paying attention to what I was using on my own skin as well. I love products that are as chemical-free as possible, so I keep my routine simple. My style has changed in the sense that if I am with my kids, I dress to play and have fun with them. This doesn’t mean I’m not stylish, but just that I had to swap out my heels and buy a lot of amazing flat shoes.

NB: Do you currently follow any holistic wellness practices?
KK: I take ghee every morning, work out and eat clean.

NB: What are your can’t-live-without wardrobe staples? 
KK: A RAILS denim shirt, Saint Laurent flat boots, Yeezy sneakers, Kardashian Kollection black leggings, a leather baseball hat and a Balenciaga motorcycle jacket.

NB: What’s one fall beauty trend you’re most looking forward to wearing this season?
KK: A dark lip!

NB: Have you tried any new spa treatments lately that you loved? 
KK: I just love a good massage. I have been into seeing a chiropractor lately, too. 

NB: What is one thing you’d like to do in your life that you haven’t done yet?
KK: I have always wanted to get an airstream or an RV and just drive all over the country. I love to travel and explore, especially small towns.