An Ancient Practice That Can Transform Your Skin

Needles have been used to enhance beauty for centuries. This is of course, way before injectables and fillers. We are talking about the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture.

Typically used for pain relief, acupuncture can also greatly benefit the skin. Inserting super fine needles into several hundred meridians, or points along the anatomy that affect specific organs, can first improve overall health and from there, the health and vibrancy of the skin.

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“In Traditional Chinese Medicine, skin is an important reflection of overall body and organ functions. Thus the look and the texture of skin, including problems or growth on skin (wrinkles, acne, mole, skin tag, etc.) are revealing people's general health and immune function,” says Fan Jiang, Licensed Acupuncturist at Ton Shen Health in Chicago.

There is a lot of published research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in dermatology, says Jiang. “Some studies focus on acupuncture only, and some utilize both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Both therapies are effective in treating many skin conditions,” she says. Specifically, it has shown to be extremely effective in benefiting dermatitis and facial elasticity.

If you are interested in starting acupuncture treatment to ward off wrinkles, Jiang recommends two to three sessions a week.