The Must-Have Retinol Cream for Sensitive Skin

Retinol can be your skin’s best friend, or its worse redness-inducing enemy. For me, it’s usually the latter. I know I should use it, but my sensitive skin always goes a little bit haywire the second I apply any new product that has it as I brace myself to go through a serious “worse-before-better” period for the next few days. 

Dermalogica Retinol Repair ($85) is a completely customizable overnight retinol treatment that eliminates that transition. It comes with a tiny buffer cream that you mix in to help your skin ease into the main event, the retinol (I started with the tiniest amount the first three days and worked myself up to a bigger dollop as the weeks went on). I had zero redness and no peeling, but mega results: more radiant skin, tinier pores and even the tone looked a lot better. The product is strong (the retinol is concentrated, strong and active, and there’s also vitamin C, amino acids and peptides in the mix), so you’ll be tempted to slather on even more, but don’t. Let the two work in tandem to work their magic, minus any downtime.