Completely Reset Your Skin With This Must-Have Moisturizer

I’ve recently experienced a somewhat tumultuous skin transition. A 1,000-mile move to a completely new climate, coupled with the stresses that inevitably seem to come along with it, had left me with a complexion that I no longer recognized. My normally sensitive skin that has a tendency to get red and rather oily was all of a sudden totally dry to the touch. Makeup wasn’t even going on smoothly—certain parts would cover normally; other areas seemed to be a totally different shade, almost like the product was getting “stuck” on the dry patches.

That’s when this tiny shiny tub of Somme Institute Skin Reset ($85) came across my desk and changed everything! Despite the cream’s thick consistency (it looks and feels almost like a body butter), my dehydrated skin sucked up this vitamin-peptide concoction with ingredients that boost collagen and deliver serious hydration. It’s also formulated to firm skin, help with facial aging and improve tone. By week’s end, I was waking up with even-toned and moisturized skin that looked better than it had in a while. By the second week, my complexion also looked brighter than normal, which was a definite plus!