The Sneaky Thing About Natural Ingredients

It’s no secret that natural-versus-synthetic continues to be an ongoing debate in the skin-care world. But then there is a whole other trend of really natural ingredients—the ones straight from the source—the plants, seeds, fruits and vegetable concoctions that seem to be taking the DIY-Pinterest-craft movement by storm. If it is really that easy, why isn’t everyone squeezing oranges onto their skin, instead of spending money on creams and serums with vitamin C?

According to celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau, she has seen this trend growing, and, regardless of where the recipe came from, it is really tied to people using unadulterated products on their skin—mixing up things like white tea leaves and eucalyptus and adding in some honey to make a mask. Sure, they are fresh, but are they really effective?

Her philosophy: “It doesn’t really work that way. Even though plants, for example, have enzymes, acids and vitamins that are good for your skin, you still need science to help make the ingredients effective,” Rouleau explains. “Plants also have things like fiber that don’t benefit your skin; technology helps harness the best of what your skin actually needs. Science helps take the natural ingredients and make them better so you are getting the benefit you want.”

Score one for science.