The Must-Have: PHACE Bioactive Illuminating Serum

The winter months are prime time for searching and trying new skin-care products. Between the below-freezing wind chill outside and the drying heat inside, your usual arsenal of go-to moisturizers and serums, which got the job done any other time of the year, can suddenly fall short of your skin’s needs. So, it was during my seasonal trial-and-error, in search of something that could give my skin a fresh June glow in the midst of February, that I came across PHACE Bioactive’s new Illuminating Serum.

This face serum is packed with vitamin C to brighten your complexion, gallic acid and licorice root to fade discoloration, hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and radiance, and vitamins B5 and E to tighten and tone. But, what makes this serum different—and more effective–than many other like-ingredient products is that the pH level of the product has been specifically optimized to keep each ingredient stable and therefore allow them to operate at their full potency. Maintaining an ideal pH level also allows skin to better absorb the product and your cells to reap the benefits of the active ingredients. The result? A radiance-boosting serum that’s easy to use, but packs a powerhouse punch to tackle even the most extreme winter skin concerns.

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    These products are amazing! Check them out!

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