3 Products For Pearly Whites

You do everything possible to protect your skin, face, body and hair from succumbing to the effects of aging. So, why should your smile be any different? From discoloration and chipped teeth to changes in your gums, a variety of factors—some controllable, others that are inherent to aging—are experienced that can make the smile and your teeth look worn, aged and older than they really may be, seriously impacting your overall appearance.

For Gentle Brushing
The latest addition to the Supersmile collection is its Crystal Collection Toothbrush. Mimicking the sculptural detail of a piece of art, the slim Lucite handle is easy and comfortable to grip and the bristles are soft, so you’re less likely to brush too aggressively. $15, supersmile.com

Strengthen Your Teeth By Brushing
Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste whitens discolored teeth as it improves the strength and health of tooth enamel. $4, colgateprofessional.com

Keeps Your Smile White
Now that you’ve gotten your smile to look how you want it to, it’s time to keep it that way. Crest 3D White Brilliance Boost is a polishing treatment that increases the effectiveness and brightening power of whitening toothpastes and keeps surface stains at bay. $6, 3dwhite.com