Conair Creates New Curling Technology

Photo Credits: Conair

Bored with your curling iron? Well, you are about to be. The latest and greatest invention, the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret ($100), is truly a revolution in hair curling. Get it, a revolution. Anyways.

While it's not the first tool to try and change the curl game (we were excited about this new curling iron last month), it's quite impressive. Armed with a tourmaline ceramic curl chamber, the device sucks a one-inch section of hair into a rounded compartment only to eject it back out 10 seconds later as a perfectly formed ringlet. This technology works by gently rolling your hair around a tube inside the chamber. The coil inside then heats the hair from all angles as if it was in a mini oven. "With a traditional curling iron, you clip the hair and you roll it. The first turn gets the most heat, the second less because it’s insulated by a layer of hair and then the third even less. This one heats from both the inside and the outside, so you get a nice even, long-lasting ringlet," reports Vito Carlucci, director of engineering for Conair Corp.

What we like about the Curl Secret is that it offers a foolproof way of achieving perfectly formed waves. Though, it should be said, watching the device in action, one might be wary of leaving hair "unattended" while the machine heats up to 400 degrees. But fear not, the machine has safety sensors and accurately times each curl session. Also, the device is designed to stop and release hair if there is a tangle or if too much hair is pulled into the chamber.

What do you think? Will you give it a go?