Cure for Gray Hair Uprooted

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Most women have a secret fear of the future when it comes to their beauty. If it's not yellow teeth than it's wrinkles and if it's not weight gain than it's gray hair. If you're in the gray hair camp, listen up—there might soon be a cure for wiry whites. 

Scientists at New York University's Langone Medical Center have found the exact proteins that are at the root of gray hair, which ultimately could lead to the eventual cure. The wnt protein is responsible (along with stem cells) for coordinating when hair loses pigment and knowing that can allow the protein to be added to supplements or hair grooming products in the future.

So how soon can we expect the cure? Some companies are already in the midst of developing pills that could reverse grays, but getting US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval could take some time. In the meanwhile, if you are worried about losing your color before the cure, use products that contain antioxidants that ward off free-radical pollutants that can cause color to fade and degrade the strength of hair.