365 Days of Beauty: These Luxurious Products Could Be Yours

Another Monday, another set of amazing beauty products that we’re ready to give away. To show our appreciation for our lovely NewBeauty readers, we give you a chance to win free beauty products every day of the year—that's 365 Days of Beauty just for you. Sign up, answer a simple beauty question and you’ll be entered to win one of our daily giveaways. What are you most hopeful to win?

Monday, July 15
Sesha Skin Therapy Bundle ($414 value)
You’ll love Sesha’s clinical product line. These effective products are designed to give you physicians-grade results in the convenience of your own home. 

Tuesday, July 16
Kinerase Advanced Lotion ($119 value)
A non-prescriptive alternative to Retinol, this anti-aging moisturizer uses Kinetin to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a radiant glow.

Wednesday, July 17
CityLash Lash Growth Enhancer ($80 value)
Who doesn’t want longer lashes? This natural and fragrance-free formula stimulates eyelash growth and extends the natural life cycle of your lashes.

Thursday, July 18
Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment ($75 value)
This lightweight formula packs heavyweight results, combating fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. 

Friday, July 19
Tilth Anti-Aging Regimen ($108 value)
Blending the use of natural ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, this regimen delivers effective anti-aging results for any skin type.

Saturday, July 20
Clairvoyant Beauty Balancing Rosehips Serum ($69 value)
Both the rosehip oil and hibiscus flower infused in this complexion-perfecting serum keep skin hydrated and glowing.

Sunday, July 21
Whish Shave Cream and Hair Inhibiting Gel ($56 value)
Shave less often with this hair-inhibiting gel that slows hair growth! Elevate your shaving experience with this moisturizing shave cream that leaves your skin ultra-smooth.

  • Amy - Web Content Manager
    Posted on

    Hi Michele, You can visit http://www.365.newbeauty.com to register daily. Good luck!

  • Lindy Bee Giordano
    Posted on

    What an awesome prize good luck all!!

  • Michelle Roller
    Posted on

    I want to win but I'm not sure how to register.

  • Diane hoach
    Posted on

    I have been a faithful Mary Kay customer for 28 years but have had to go to a GF diet so this would help, I think....

  • Dian Hardy
    Posted on

    It took me until my late twenties to understand the fate of the other animals and I have been first macrobiotic then vegetarian and then vegan for, omygosh, about forty years! Some women my age stop caring about their looks, unfortunately or fortunately, I'm not one of them. I write in hope of being a winner and also to thank you for making a product kind to users and kind to the other animals.

  • Beverly Bean
    Posted on

    well i am just entering for fun cause i very rarely win anything ,lol but this does look amazing

  • Wendy Davis
    Posted on

    Would love to win, I've been signing up each day that I can remember. Good luck & thanks New Beauty!!!